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      Hefei Metalforming Intelligent Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is devoted to social welfare to shoulder its social responsibility apart from pursuit of business benefits. It has been transforming social responsibility to development motivation with constant innovation in management and thinking, and has created a harmonious and sustainable development.  Under the leadership of company president Yan Jianwen, HFM actively and regularly participates in donations, assistance and other social welfare activities by organizing activities like helping girl students who drop out of school and financing poor college students etc. The company has been actively fulfilling its role in constructing a harmonious society. The company has been awarded prized like "National Social Responsibility Outstanding Contribution Award", "Advanced Institution in Spring Bud Plan" "Credit Enterprise of Anhui Province"  " Advanced Institution in Financing Education".  Personally Yan Jianwen was jointly awarded by China Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and China Machinery Industry Federation as "National Labor Model in Mechanical Industry. He was awarded by Anhui Children and Youth Foundation as "Love Messenger" and "Bright Star" and other honorary titles.


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      Address: Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone Ziyun Road 123; Tel: +86-551-65134522
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