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      With "Customer first, timely service, reliable product, integrity and innovation”as its quality policy, Hefei Metalforming Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. consistenly bring in the advanced quality management concept. HFM has formed a complete quality control system and has safety and quality center as the charge unit. The safety and quality center is strengthening its ability of monitoring the quality by improving the management system, the transmission of the value and the allocation of resources.

      Management system

      Since 1998, HFM has initially gone through the ISO9001/ISO14001 /OHSAS18001 "three in one”management system other certification. It also regularly reviews and changes versions of these certifications to ensure the effectiveness and compliance of the system.

      Transmission of the value

      The measuring room of safety and quality center has made standards for construction standard length, micrometer, gauge and others to manage and test all the ordinary measuring instruments and special test instruments within the company to ensure the effectiveness of the transmission of the value in the company.

      Allocation of resources

      Testing equipment: Safety and quality center now owns laser three-coordinate tracker, ultrasonic flaw detector and other 30 kinds of high precision testing instruments. High precision laser tracker can  provide advanced and reliable three-coordinate field measurement equipment and detection technology for product testing and technology verification, which  provides a reliable means for quality verification of high quality heavy forging equipment manufactured by HFM.

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