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      With a development of more than 6 decades, Hefei Metalforming Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd has formed a complete set of production system. The company has been ranking fore in production scale, level of equipment and product processing precision grade among its industrial counterparts in China. 

      ○ The new park covers an area of 460,000 square meters including over 120,000 square meters construction area, 50,000 square meters assembly workshop and 30,000 square meters machining workshop.

      ○ With NC plasma cutting, 200-ton industrial annealing equipment, large induction heating frequency conversion quenching machine tool and other equipments, the company can meet the needs of various heat treatments for large or ultra large structures.

      ○ Have large equipments such as Italian PAMA SPEEDRAM NC milling and boring machine, Korean precision machining center, five-axis NC gantry milling and boring machine, six-axis NC milling composite machine tool, high precision NC external cylindrical grinder, precision NC vertical lathe, Hauck metal surface processing equipment etc. 

      ○The heavy assembly workshop, which is leading in assembly capabilities, is equipped with crane of over 400-ton lifting capacity.  With an annual manufacturing capacity of 1,000 large and medium-sized hydraulic presses and mechanical presses, the company is able to achieve a simultaneous output and delivery of 10,000-ton presses and multiple press lines.

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      Address: Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone Ziyun Road 123; Tel: +86-551-65134522
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