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      • This press can be used for hot stamping forming process for super high strength steel plate of automobile.
      • The production line can be used for AT rail end forging and forming process. The automatic forging line, which is independently researched, developed and produced by HFM, has the advantages of high automation, high efficiency and high precision etc. The production line can achieve techniques including automatic material feeding, heating, 4-station forging, die spraying and work piece normalizing.
      • HFM has introduced advanced German technology and computer optimization design. The production line is of frame structure and has good rigidity. Its four - angle eight - side guide rail is of high precision and strong anti deviated load capacity. New oil cylinder sealing element has high reliability and long life.
      • The "intelligent island" project of HFM is highly integrated by multi freedom degree intelligent robot, six freedom degree adaptive feeding station, multi-function (spraying, adsorption, blanking) integrated vacuum arm, automatic identification changeover mechanism, steam control system, discharge conveying system and two sets of servo control hydraulic presses.

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