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      HSHP Series High Speed Sheet Metal Stamping Hydrau

      This hydraulic press is based on RZU serieshydraulic press, using the electro-hydraulic proportional servo control technology, dynamic force control technology, balance cylinder technology, greatly improves the stamping frequency of the press. Compared with general hydraulic press, this product has higher stamping frequency and lower power consumption for single punching. Such production is widely used in field of automotive, agricultural machinery, sheet metal forming etc. 

      Automatic stamping production line is equipped with automatic equipment as unstacking, cleaning, oiling, robots loading and unloading, waste conveying line.


      It is mainly used for sheet metal stamping, the stamping frequency is 1.7-2 times of the high speed hydraulic press. It is suitable for Automation production line

      Main Characteristic:

      -Deep drawing, prolongs the service life of the die, reduces material requirements

      -Various rolling bolster traveling style: forward, lateral and two bolsters with T traveling

      -Full tonnage damper, for blanking and punching process

      -Proportional servo control technology to realize high speed without impact

      -Energy-saving control system, dynamic force control technology, there is no increase for install power, saving more than 20% energy in single stroke

      -Parameter by digital control, pressure closed-loop control

      -Hydraulic cushion pressure subdivision control

      -Die parameter memory function, fault diagnose function

      Optional configuration:

      -The four points flexible hydraulic cushion, which individually controlled four pressure

      -The mold recognition system

      -The quick die clamping device

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