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      RZU/YH27 Series Fast Speed Sheet StampingHydraulic

      This serial is developed basis of German technology and fully integrates HFM innovation and know how including high productivity, energy saving, automation and environment friendly solutions, the presses are well suitable for various thick and sheet metal deep drawing, blanking and piercing process. The presses have been widely operated in the automotive, agricultural machinery,engineering machinery, light industry and home appliance fields.

      Automatic stamping production line is equipped with unstacking, cleaning, oiling, robot loading and unloading, waste conveying line automation equipment.


      It is mainly used for sheet metal stamping

       Main Characteristic:

      -Various rolling bolster traveling style: forward, lateral and two bolsters with T traveling

      -Full tonnage damper, for blanking and punching process

      -Parameter by digital control, pressure closed-loop control

      -Hydraulic cushion pressure subdivision control

      - No pressure descend to match the die

      Die parameter memory function, fault diagnosis function:

      -Four point flexible hydraulic cushion, which individually controlled four pressure

      -Mold recognition system

      -Quick die clamping device

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