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      YH25/SHPH25 Series Door Hemming Hydraulic Press

      This serial door hemming press consists of main hydraulic press and QDC system, the main hydraulic press can be a four column or straight side structure, the QDC solutions includes: various rolling bolster traveling style and bolster quantity, the die changing cart, quick die clamping system and mold identification system.


      It is widely used in the manufacturing of passenger cars, cars and trucks.


      Various types of moving bolster: the forward, single (double) lateral and double (four) T moving bolster

      Safety device and complete safety control system

      No pressure descend to match the die

      SHPH25 Stereo garage type door hemming:

      Using servo motor-pump system instead of traditional hydraulic electrical system, simplifies hydraulic system, improves reliability and convenience.

      Saving 50% of the energy and 50% of hydraulic oil, reducing more than 20dB of the noise.

      Adopts servo motor-pressure sensor closed-loop controls pressure, and servo motor-displacement sensor closed-loop controls location, realizes full-parameter digital control.

      Optional configuration:

      The die parameter memory function, fault diagnose function

      The quick die clamping device

      The automation production or automation interface

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