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      YH96 Series Automobile Interior Trimming Hydraulic

      This serial hydraulic press adopts frame-type or four-column type structure, on the basis of production requirements, it is equipped with oil heating system, stem system, exhaust system, safety door for lateral side and sliding door in front and rear side of press. The proportional servo system has fast down speed, during the pressing period can set the exhaust position, pre-pressure, pressing force and the remote diagnose as well.Molding process is mainly used in automotive interiors.

      The hydraulic press can be matched with servo motor and pump drive, which can save energy more than 50% and reduce noise by 10-30 db.


      Used for hot-stamping of automotive interiors, and hot embossing of other organ materials.


      - Parameter by digital control, pressure closed-loop control

      - No pressure descend to match the die

      -Multi-prepressing and exhausting function

      -Die parameter memory function, faultdiagnose function

      -Safety device and complete safety control system

      Optional configuration: 

      -The upper and lower heating plate, heating mode can be electrical heating, oil heating, steam heating and temperature control system

      - The front and rear side sliding door, side fixed door and exhaust device can prevent waste gas into the workshop.

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