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      Two Standards Formulated by HFM won Science and Technology Award of China Machinery Industry

      China Machinery Industry Federation and China Mechanical Engineering Society jointly releasedBulletin of 2017 Science and Technology Award of China Machinery Industryon November 6, 2017. National standardSafety and Technical Requirements for Hydraulic Pressand industry standardPrecise Servo Straightening Hydraulic Presswhich are both formulated by HFM respectively won the second and the third prize of that award.

       Technical Requirements for Hydraulic Pressdrawing on the most advanced standards in the world has the intentionally advanced technical qualifications. This standard lists not only specific requirements but also methods to achieve the requirement. This standard will make contribution to improving hydraulic press safety standard of China, which is good for the access to middle and high end international market of China-made hydraulic press. Scientific and effective safety protection methods for accident as well as environmental protection requirements are also mentioned in this standard. The release of this standard will spur breakthrough in the development of China press safety.

       Based on the domestic precise straightening process of shaft and tube parts,Precise Servo Straightening Hydraulic Pressdraws on models, basic parameters, technical requirements, inspection rules and methods, marking, packing, shipping and store of precise servo straightening hydraulic press intending to improve the precision of equipment design and operation and will bring a more regulated design, manufacturing and operation of this kind of press.

       Better safety and quality of products calls for first class standards. HFM attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation for its development. We adhere to the combination of independent innovation and the industrial-academic-research cooperation. We aim to obtain competitive advantages in market and sustainable development through technological innovation and target to build a world famous brand with core competitiveness. 

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