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      Again! HFM is honored a national intellectual property award

      Hefei Metalforming Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd (HFM) together with other 181 institutions was awarded “2017 Demonstration Enterprise of National Intellectual Property Rights”by State Intellectual Property Office on December 20, 2017. It remarks that HFM has made a breakthrough in intellectual property construction since it received “Enterprise with an advantage in National Intellectual Property Rights” in 2016.

      We attach importance to intellectual property right building. All staff in the company is encouraged to obtain intellectual property rights in key technology and a related incentive system is set. Intellectual property rights management is an important part of company strategy and the national standard is applied in its daily management in company. We have established a managing and controlling procedure of intellectual property rights in fields including research and development, procurement, production, sales, human resource and so on and have achieved early warning and risk monitoring for intellectual property rights. We also have discovered and achieved good results in patent analysis, patent assessment, patent technology application and transformation, technical cooperation, patent standardization, patent pledge financing and so on. Our efforts have been praised by the State Intellectual Property Office.

      “Demonstration Enterprise of National Intellectual Property Rights” is the ultimate honor awarded by the State Intellectual Property Office to enterprises with outstanding performance in intellectual property rights. With this honor, in the future, HFM will continue to perform as the main body of innovation, improve the capability of independent innovation, management, creation, operation and protection of intellectual property rights, enhance the corporate discourse power, and improve our market competitiveness.

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